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The Moral of the Story is...

There once was a man and a woman, all alone in a garden.

Food grew abundantly, without effort, and they were free to eat anything they wanted.

Except for the fruit from two of the trees.

Ultimately, the woman decided to eat the fruit of one of the forbidden trees. Because of this, she was told she could no longer live in the bountiful garden.

The man, not wanting to be alone, decided to leave the garden too, so that he could be with her.

They now had to work and suffer instead of just experiencing ease and abundance in the garden.

For many years, their posterity shamed the woman for the negative results her choice created for everyone.

But what if she had not made the difficult choice of eating the fruit? She and the man would not have experienced all that life had to offer:

Joy was sweeter because they had experienced Sorrow.

Pleasure meant so much more now that they knew Pain.

Success was greater because of their Struggle.

You likely recognize this as the story of Adam and Eve.

You may tell it differently than how it is written above

The way we tell a story changes the way we feel about the characters and the situation.

Whether you believe Eve was fictional or an actual, historical woman, or if you believe her choice was a positive one - notice how her difficult decision enabled her and Adam to FEEL all that Life has to offer.

We can make the story dramatic and painful or we can make it inspiring and powerful.

Remember this when you tell your own story. Whether it's the story of your life, the story of your conversation with your sister, or your trip to the grocery store.

Our stories create our feelings, which then create our actions and then the results we end up with.

Tell your story in a way that serves and empowers you.

May you have peace in your decisions,


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