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Your Chaos to Calm Coaches

It's my belief that "health coaching" isn't about convincing you to commit to one diet, treatment, or one way of living. Instead, I acknowledge that bio-individuality (the concept that each person has a unique set of emotional, physical, and lifestyle needs) can work synergistically with a person's biochemistry to achieve greater vitality.   

I spend time getting to know my clients to determine what information is needed to elucidate the biochemical dysregulation in their bodies.  By doing additional investigation that the physicians do not always have time for, I can help my clients make connections that lead to a better understanding of why they are suffering. I can work with physicians along with clients to take the steps to alleviate what is causing their pain.  Through lifestyle changes, emotional awareness, balancing the microbiome, restoring digestive function and addressing nutritional deficiencies, my clients are able to alter their trajectory from slow physical decline to one of repair, regeneration, and healing.

The answers to healing are found within the individual. By asking the right questions, clients find those answers and identify the obstacles that need to be addressed. This information combined with lab data helps the client and me to develop a plan for regeneration and repair for their body and their wellbeing.  I am passionate about finding better answers that bring true understanding.   The result of this combination brings hope, which is essential in any healing process.

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Renee Williams: Biochemist & Health Coach

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I am a certified Meditation and Mindfulness facilitator.  I specialize in women’s small group meditation classes, but also work with private clients.  I currently offer in-person and online meditation opportunities. I deeply believe that, if you “quiet your mind, your soul will speak”(- Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati).  I believe that each of us has a well of wisdom within us that, if consulted, can offer us guidance and direction.

I took my first Mindfulness and Relaxation at Brigham Young University, where I earned my B.A. in Health Promotions. Though college feels like a lifetime ago, I continue to learn and pursue my passions in wellness and emotional/spiritual development. I have developed meditations for noted Marriage and Sexuality Therapist Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife’s women’s retreats. I have also crafted and recorded meditations based on shared experiences for a collaborative book project called: Narratives in the Clinic.
I work primarily with women who are looking to find more stillness and purpose in their life. These women are amazingly resilient.  They have huge hearts that are capable of holding a lot of pain, as well as joy.  It has been my deepest honor to sit with women in both pain and joy, to feel their nobility, as they continue to strive to become a stronger, more capable and compassionate version of themselves.  I am their biggest cheerleader because it’s a path that I have also walked.  I know this path, and I’m still learning to walk it with humility and gratitude everyday.

Juli Larsen: Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor

My parents both passed away in 2020. For 2.5 years I was part of “The Sandwich Generation”, balancing the parenting of my own children in one state, and caring for my aging parents in another state.

What I gained most from my experience as a Caregiver was deeper connection to my parents, siblings and children. A deeper connection that was forged each time I was willing to have another hard conversation.

Deeper connection to my spouse came after I sought a better relationship with myself. I know the challenges of self-loathing as well as the power of self-acceptance. I will teach you transformative ways to look at what you've been believing about yourself -- beliefs that you may not have even been aware of.  


I am a Certified Life Coach specializing in helping women have hard conversations, even if they have a hard time speaking up.

If you want to be heard, seen, and validated, but instead feel ignored, insecure and tend to avoid conflict, I can help you turn that around. Conflict is simply an opportunity for connection, but it helps to have a personalized game plan in your back pocket.  For those who avoid confrontation or who don't really knowing how to approach hard conversations I can help you develop a willingness to have hard conversations.

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Meredith Gardner: Certified Life Coach

The Hard Conversation Coach


Just a few short years ago, I did not like my life and I did not like myself. I found parenting incredibly challenging, stressful, and unrewarding. I was exhausted, and full of resentment and self-loathing. My most important relationships felt like withering house plants--neglected, needing nourishment and sunshine, and I felt inadequate and ill-equipped to do anything about it.

Life coaching changed the way I view and approach my relationships. I learned why I was so tired and resentful, and what to do about it. I learned a better way to love and care for myself and others. 

Returning to the house plant analogy, I had figured out how to get the care and nourishment I needed to truly thrive. As I learned and applied truth, you might say I breathed out cleaner oxygen to the benefit of those I love.

I love my relationships now! They aren't perfect, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. I love and trust my ability to navigate relationship challenges now. Not perfectly, but honestly, perfection is over-rated. I would rather embrace the full, fantastic, and flawed reality of me and my life.

I specialize in helping women learn better ways to love and care for themselves and their relationships, as they learn to trust their own inner wisdom and strength to create the life they want.

Leslie Merrell: Certified Life Coach

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