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Advice from the Future

I saw a clever video during the height of the pandemic where a lady is visited by her 4-months-in-the-future self. She hilariously tries to give herself advice, knowing of the pandemic and financial crisis that are about to hit. If you haven't seen it, you should seriously look it up on YouTube 'Explaining the Pandemic to My Past Self'. It's so funny.

If you could talk to your future self, what advice would she give you? What would she tell you to stop doing? What would she tell you to start doing? How is she different from the present you?

My future self would tell me to stop beating myself up. Stop comparing myself to others. Stop resisting and avoiding and being afraid of negative emotion. Stop looking to my past to see what I am capable of. Stop believing there's a right way to do everything.

She would tell me to start believing in myself and to invest in myself. To value my own ideas, my own wisdom, my own judgement, my own way/approach, my own contribution. She would tell me to dream--to look to my future to know what I am capable of. She would tell me to tell me to try new things; to fail spectacularly; and to keep going.

She would tell me to continue to get myself coached, so that I can manage my brain and get out of my own way. She would remind me that I will never have all of the answers, and that's ok. She would tell me that I don't have to know everything before I take action. She would tell me to expect that I will mess up, and get it wrong, and fail sometimes, and that's ok. She would tell me that discomfort is doable, and is the price of growth and dreams.

I would like to think that she is happy with who and where she is in her journey. That her abundant self-love and self-confidence enable her to dare greatly, and to see victories even in the failures. That she is curious and compassionate. That she accepts the risk and discomfort of loving fully, and that she takes responsibility for her own emotions and results.

I would also like to think that my future self is freaking hilarious! Because, I love to laugh, and I know that won't change!

What is one piece of advice your future self would give?

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