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2023 Retreat Theme: RELEASE

April focus: SELF-DOUBT

Where does self-doubt come from?

Who would you be without self-doubt?

How would your life be different without self-doubt?

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Release Self-Doubt.

  • CHAOS to Calm Retreat, April 29, 2023
    Apr 29, 9:00 AM MDT – Apr 30, 4:00 PM MDT
    Grand Junction, 2515 Foresight Cir, Suite 260 Grand Junction, CO 81505, USA
    Women's wellness retreat to find personal calm amid life's chaos.

What to Expect

At the retreat, you will rotate through four break-out sessions, one with each presenter. The break-out sessions focus on four key relationships.


Relationship with Self

In this class you will learn why you are so hard on yourself, and what to do when you feel stuck. You'll learn how to be emotionally resilient and why it's so important. And you will discover that it is safe to be a more successful version of yourself.


Find the connection with yourself you've been craving!


Relationship with Body

Describe the item and add all the relevant details you would like to share. Double click to edit the text and change the description.


Relationship with Others

In this class, you will discover ways you may be creating or amplifying the chaos in your relationships with others. We'll examine real-life examples of the concepts. You'll find the power to transform the dynamics of your interactions and learn tools to increase calm in your relationships.


Relationship with Higher Power

You will have the opportunity to participate in a unique guided meditation experience. This is a beautiful time to reflect on what you are resonating with at the retreat. We discuss principles and practices that support breath, relaxation, and stillness.  At the end of our session, we close with an opportunity for women to share what they are connecting with and what they feel inspired to try differently

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Retreat Schedule

9 am Yoga

Awaken your body and stretch your muscles, in preparation of awakening your mind and stretching your soul. Yoga is optional, and is included in the purchase of your ticket.

10 am Opening session

Welcome! Opening remarks, and house-keeping.

10:30 am Break-out sessions 1 & 2

Rotate through your first two small-group break-out sessions.

12 pm Lunch

Enjoy a beautiful, healthy, and delicious gourmet spread by local caterer, Melissa Barney, of Baggin' It Gourmet.

1:15 pm Break-out sessions 3 & 4

Rotate through your third and fourth small-group break-out sessions.

3 pm Closing session

Final large group discussion, and closing remarks.

We strive to create a safe community, and we aim to do it with equal parts compassion, humor, wisdom, and authenticity.

Learn more about each of us here.

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Certified Life Coach

The Hard Conversation Coach


Certified Life Coach

Evolving Relationships Coach

2023 Theme: RELEASE

April Focus: Self-doubt

What will YOU release this year?

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