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I Can Do Just One More Thing......

How many times have you caught yourself trying to cram in one more thing before leaving the house?

Throw in a load of laundry. Start the dishwasher. Check your email. Feed the dog. Make that phone call. The list is never-ending.

As we are rushing out the door, this seems to be the time we think of these small quick tasks that we feel certain we can tackle (in time) prior to leaving the house.

Inevitably, we end up running 3-5 minutes later than intended and then we feel that familiar sensation of being rushed.

The cascading effect of feeling rushed begins to make us grip the steering wheel harder, breathe faster, eyes dart quicker, our mind races. This has become a normal sensation for us.


Gabor Mate, author of The Myth of Normal says:

"Work pressures, multitasking, social media, news updates, multiplicities of entertainment sources—these all induce us to become lost in thoughts, frantic activities, gadgets, meaningless conversations. We are caught up in pursuits of all kinds that draw us on not because they are necessary or inspiring or uplifting, or because they enrich or add meaning to our lives, but simply because they obliterate the present."


The next time you feel that familiar tug to do just one more thing before leaving the house, pause. Anchor into the present moment and ask yourself: "Am I able to do this in a way that inspires or uplifts me right now?"

If the answer is no, then don't cram it in. Allow the task to wait.

Many of these small, seemingly insignificant, even mundane tasks (doing the dishes, tidying a room, taking out the trash, etc.) can be real gifts of mindfulness, if we create more space and meaning for them in our lives.

Allow that time of transition from home to world to be more peaceful by really being present and not leaving the home in a worried, frantic way.

We can gift the world our peaceful purposeful energy as we learn to leave our homes each day with more grounded intentional energy.

Learn more mindful tips at our next CHAOS to Calm Retreat:

Saturday April 29th

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To your joyful journey!

- Juli Larsen, C-MI

Certified Meditation Instructor

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